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My favorite snack!! Super healthy protein packed snack that will last you all day.  Serve this as breakfast, a quick snack, or at brunch as a make-your-own…… Better than a doughnut.Here’s what you’ll need:
-Your favorite apple. (I love something crispy and cold straight out of the fridge like a Fuji)
-Your favorite butter: peanut butter, almond butter, or cashew butter…..
-Toppings. I love toasted coconut, flax seed, banana chips, dried cranberries, coco nibs, or homemade granola.

Here’s what you do:
Slice your apples into one inch slices. Core the seeds out.  Spread with peanut butter.  Top with your favorite toppings. Nom nom!

Thanks Caitlin!

9 Responses to Mangiona With Caitlin Levin #2 Better than a doughnut
  1. I’ve been looking for healthy snacks so this is pretty much perfect timing! Thank you, J! :)

  2. Faith says:

    I love this chic interpretation of an old after school snack Classic! Nice Caits!! Miss you n your chiqueria

  3. Nikkithy says:

    genius! i feel like this snack would trick my brain into thinking i was eating a donut so the sugary craving would be satisfied! i’ve been making myself parfaits with greek yogurt, fruit, honey and almond butter when i am craving ice cream or a sundae. works every time!

  4. Shauna Nep says:

    Genius. Seriously, genius! Love it.

  5. Julia says:

    Fantastic. Love the pictures as a visual, they really inspire me to want to go make some, right now!

  6. Such a great idea, saw this last night and tried it today. It was a great snack to share and my husband actually liked it ^__^ http://tmblr.co/ZBGr8vV3v3zZ

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