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13 November 2012

DIY Reversible Ottoman Cover

Remember the ottoman that I got a while back to replace the coffee table with a more kid-friendly option?  Well, as I imagined, the upholstery began to get stained with everything from coffee to spit-up–so I decided to recover it.  Reupholstering it did not make sense–because the reupholstery was bound to get dirty too–so I came up with what I think is a really great solution. I made a reversible, removable ottoman cover from a vintage Kantha quilt.
Kantha quilts are made from Indian Saris and have contrasting colors and patterns on either side–which makes it the the perfect candidate for a reversible cover because it allows me to change up the look of the ottoman when I get tired of one pattern. Also, Kantha quilts are made of cotton and therefor easily washable–the perfect material for my cover.
Here are the basic steps I took to make the cover:
1. I wrapped the top and sides of the ottoman in the quilt as though I was wrapping a gift, and pinned the corners into place.
2. I then sewed the corners up using a whip stitch.
3. Once all four corners were sewn into place, I reversed the quilt so that it was inside out on the ottoman–and the raw edges were facing out. I then cut off the excess fabric flaps of the corners and sides.
4. Next I sewed three ribbons onto each side of the quilt.  I use the ribbons to tie the bottom sides of the quilt together underneath the ottoman.
I’m loving the versatility and the ability to change the pattern up when I want to–so much so, that I’m contemplating making another one! Don’t you love reversible things? It’s like a 2-for-1, and who doesn’t love that?
You can find Kantha throws in my recommended pieces on Luvocracy
photos by J. Blakeney


9 Responses to DIY Reversible Ottoman Cover
  1. Brilliant! And so bright and happy! :)

  2. SPYT says:

    great job! looks cozy!

  3. Love it! Thanks for the diy!

  4. catie says:

    it’s gorgeous!!
    i love both sides ♥

  5. Houndstooth81 says:

    Do you have a source reference on the multi-colored diamond rug? I just LOVE that. Thank you

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is so great. I too had to give up my chic coffee table for a child friendly basic ottoman, which we liked for its function but it had no character. This is exactly what our living room needs!

  7. […] Some ottomans and benches come already upholstered in kantha fabric. But if you’re the hands-on type who loves nothing more than a crafternoon, do what one of our favorite bloggers, stylist Justina Blakeney, did and stitch up a slipcover of your own, an especially nice touch alongside a creamy white couch. Check our her blog for the full how-to. […]

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