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December 11th, 2013

Jungalow Tour- Refinery29


I was giddy when I got an email from Refinery29 asking if they could come over and shoot the Jungalow for a home tour. And then they showed up with Jesse Webster (one of my FAVORITE photographers–do you follow her instagram?!?) AND Tanika to do hair and makeup–and I was like ‘It’s ON.’ I mean..how fun is this?  So I got all dolled up and channeled my best ANTM smizes –and I must say–the photos look pre-tty nice :D (thank you Jesse!)


For more, to read the interview and to see the other twenty or so photos from the shoot–click on over.
*The Refinery29 Jungalow Tour is a partnership with Target @targetstyle #threshold

17 Responses to Jungalow Tour- Refinery29
  1. angela says:

    Whatta story, you look fabulous, the hair, the body, the jungalow…everything!!! Just one side note, we needed a pic of the queen of the house…miss Ida!!! Congrats! Happy Holidays!!!

    • Justina Blakeney says:

      Ha! Yeah I know, your right. The reason why she’s not in the photos is b/c Jason and I agreed that we would not use Ida’s photos for commercial purposes and the shoot was sponsored by Target. But yes, you’re right.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous and you got to wear your favorite “healthy and fit” pants.

  3. That was me above too, as usual lost focus in the middle of a task.

    “Gorgeous and you got to wear your favorite “healthy and fit” pants.”

  4. i love Jessie’s instagram/blog. off to see the post- congrats!

  5. hannah says:

    You look SO GORGEOUS and I love the home tour!

  6. fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!

  7. So much inspiration to be found! I love this so much, and you look BEAUTIFUL, Justina. xo

  8. So I noticed the lack of mention of your man? Is he not in the picture any more? (Not that it’s any of my business but I couldn’t help but notice). Either way, I wish you all the best and I must say I love your hair :)

    • Justina Blakeney says:

      so funny that you should mention that. Jason and I are very much still together!! It was some kinda editorial error on their part that I’ve already asked them to fix!

  9. sacha says:

    you look beautiful justina!

  10. dom says:

    you are so gorgeous!

  11. alesha says:

    I’m an avid reader on Refinery29 and I absolutely love your Instagram; but for some reason I never got around to following your blog! I just wanted to say that reading the article yesterday changed my life. For the longest time I was torn between all of the things that I love doing, unable to really see a future in my multitude of interests but reading about how you have your hands in so many different things made me realize that a life filled with things that I love doing is entirely possible. I love making art, interior decorating, graphic design, traveling, and writing and I just wanted to let you know that you’ve positively impacted me in a major way!
    Stay junglelicious!~

  12. annton says:

    gorgeousness on every level; you look stunning and the jungalow is doing it’s best to shine!

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