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April 23rd, 2014

Modern Originals



I loved photographer Leslie Williamson’s first book, Handcrafted Modern: At Home with Midcentury Designers, so naturally I can’t wait to get my hands on her new book, Modern Originals: At Home with Midcentury European Designers–and this photo of Carlo Mollino’s bathroom in Turin, Italy is a prime example of why. Those tiles? That fringe on those towels? The rounded mirror and the niche it’s in…I’m am drooling. Read a fun interview with Williamson here.


thewaywelive9   theoriginalsrositaottaviomissoni3 theoriginalsPOTL7 billybaldwinpg95 billybaldwinpg86 aroomofherownellakingtorrey
I’m thrilled  to share some good news today! I’m welcoming a new contributor to the blog, the talented Nicole Valentine Don. Now Nicole is no stranger to this blog. If you’ve been visiting JB Est 1979 for a while then you’ve probably seen her name pop up periodically. She and I have a similar aesthetic, a shared love of travel and both enjoy a good DIY every now and again. She will be joining us weekly to share both inspirations and projects. Today for her inaugural post I’ve asked her to uncover some serious inspiration the old fashioned way…in old books, and to scan ‘em and share them with us here–hopefully, here’s some stuff that you haven’t seen on Tumblr yet ;) I’m obbessing over those red velvet tasseled chairs. Yummy.

Here is what Nicole has to say:  I was immediately drawn to these images by their obvious color punch. Also, most of the furniture has a bohemian flare; covered in velvet with tassels or that scalloped fringe–oh my! I’m digigng the tapestry of hands in the first image–it adds the perfect touch of the surreal.  I also love the play of color on color–the yellow on yellow, pink on pink, red on red? Yes on yes! And how can you not love those pink curtains with the pom-poms?

For more Nicole,  visit her blog and follow her on instagram.
Images credits from top to bottom:

1. Ella King Torrey’s home, ‘A Room of Her Own’, 1997 Photography: Jennifer Levy
2. ‘Billy Baldwin Decorates’, 1972 Photography: Horst
3. ‘Billy Baldwin Decorates’, 1972 Photography: Horst
4. The People of The Labrinths’ home, ‘The Originals’, 2008 Photography: Holland Vandertol
5. Rosita & Ottavio Missoni’s home, ‘The Originals’, 2008 Photography: Holland Vandertol
6. ‘The Way We Live with The Things We Love’, 2009 Photography: Gilles de Chabaneix





adoorned4 adoorned3

adoorned adoorned2 adoorned1
While traveling around the country visiting so many New Bohemian homes, I noticed many homes (including my own) had bells, beads, and pompoms on the knobs or doors and cabinets.  In cultures all over the world tassels are believed to bring protection and good fortune and so it seems fitting to hang these charms on the entrance into a home. Its just a small detail but somehow it piles on the playful boho charm. I’ve round up a few favorites for you here if you want to get the look, but really you can use anything–necklaces, pompom garlands, you name it!

April 18th, 2014

Small Space love



Hey friends! click on over to West Elm’s blog Front and Main to get my tips on how to make do with tiny spaces. So obsessed with this Pencil desk and this swivel chair that I used in Amanda’s tiny abode.   So sweet, yes?
Have a relaxing weekend and see you back here on Monday!



From Co-Sleeping to the Big Girl Bed

When I mentioned last week that Ida is finally sleeping in her big girl bed, you wanted know how we did it–so I put together this little post to detail how we went from co-sleeping to the big-girl bed. Let me start off by saying this didn’t didn’t happen over night. We kinda worked this out in stages. It wasn’t all perfect or seamless, but I feel that we waited until the right time for Ida and for our family and now we’ve got this whole sleep game pretty tight.

From Co-Sleeping to the Big Girl Bed
When Ida was a new-born we knew we wanted to co-sleep.  I imagined we’d co-sleep for the first three or four months and then get her to sleep a crib in her room–but it didn’t quite work out that way. With breast-feeding I found it too disruptive to get out of bed two or three times a night to feed her. My solution was to side feed her while co-sleeping during the night and this way I was able to mostly sleep through the night-time feedings.  Plus co-sleeping was so cuddly and sweet and I really felt it brought so much closeness to our family unit.

That having been said, over the next year or so we did get her to sleep in her crib quite a few times but we could never deal with her crying for more than twenty minutes, and just gave up. At about twelve months I stopped daytime breast-feeding and also stopped using my boob to put her to sleep like I had been doing before. Instead, Jason read her a story and gave her a bottle of milk before bed and she went to sleep sucking on the bottle instead of my boob, which at the time seemed like a real feat.

From Co-Sleeping to the Big Girl Bed

At about fourteen months though, I started to feel like she was sleeping on the breast constantly, suckling and suckling for hours on end–and if I took her off she would wake up and cry. It was a tough time. My body felt sore from sleeping in weird positions and my boobs and I were over it. If I was not in bed with her she’d sleep through the night just fine, but if I was there she’d want mommy milk. It was around this time that we decided to bring her crib into our bedroom.  We put the crib at the foot of our bed and took down the fourth wall of the crib so that it was open, and she had the freedom to climb in and out of our bed. For the first week or so of putting her to bed in the crib I slept on the living room sofa. When she woke up, Jason patted her back to sleep and in this way we weaned her off the breast and she began to sleep through the night in the crib. Next we started to add water to her bottle at night (around 16 months) until her bottles of milk turned into bottles of water.

From Co-Sleeping to the Big Girl Bed

At about 17 months we got her this big girl bed and put it in her room where the crib used to be. For about a week we played with her on the bed–we read books, did blocks and puzzles and got her used to the idea that this was ‘Ida’s room’ and ‘Ida’s bed’ a concept that she began to grasp, and even like. Soon we began to put her down for her naps in her bed, and did that for about three weeks until finally one evening when it was time for her to go to bed we just put her in the big bed. We followed our regular night-time routine and she went right to sleep!! (We couldn’t believe it.) She’s been sleeping in her bed for about a month now and sleeps through the night just fine. Most mornings at about 6AM she calls for us to come and get her and we bring her into our bed for morning cuddles, which is awesome. We dismantled the crib and now, just like that, she’s a toddler sleeping in her big-girl bed. She has fallen out of the bed one time so far, luckily we had a yoga mat and a rug there to cushion any spills.

I think one thing that really helped us through this process was explaining everything to her along the way. Also, using transitional items–her favorite blankets and stuffed animals moved with her (even for naps) into her new bed.

If you have any stories or tips on how you went from co-sleeping to big-girl bed I’m quite sure there are many mommies and daddies out there who’d love to here your stories and tips so please chime in below!


After seeing my patio overhaul, a lot of you asked where I got my suzani blankets. Suzani blankets are certainly my secret weapon when it comes to styling.  I use them as bedding, table cloths, I throw them over sofas and chairs, I hang them on walls. They are stitched by hand and can be VERY pricey, but I have found a secret stash. eBay seems to have beautiful suzanis by the dozens…and I do all the work for you and collect my favorites on my Patternful Collection. suzanis

The best part is, all of these suzanis that I’ve collected on eBay cost under $60. Sometimes the shipping can be high, but even at the flea market Suzani blankets run around $150-$200 so even with the shipping fees you’re getting a bargain.

To keep up with my latest and greatest (and cheapest!) textile treasures, follow my Patternful collection here and follow me to discover all my new finds. And don’t forget that you can start your own inspired collections too!

My eBay Collections are curated as part of my collaboration with eBay and Style Coalition. #FollowItFindIt.
Photography by Justina Blakeney

April 15th, 2014

Patio overhaul big reveal!


Outdoor Living Room / Justina Blakeney Outdoor Living Room / Justina Blakeney Outdoor Living Room / Justina Blakeney

Outdoor Living Room / Justina Blakeney Outdoor Living Room / Justina Blakeney Outdoor Living Room / Justina Blakeney   Outdoor Living Room / Justina Blakeney

Outdoor Living Room / Justina Blakeney

Outdoor Living Room / Justina Blakeney

Just in time for my favorite time of year, my patio has finally come to life! With the help of Sara and Home Depot, the jungalow patio went from drab to fab! To read all about the makeover, and to check out what it looked like before (embaaaarrassing!!) head on over the the Home Depot blog, The Apron. Is your patio ready for the warmer months?

/photos by Justina Blakeney