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DIY 2-034

If you haven’t guessed by now, I do love a houseplant or ten!  I was feeling inspired by some awesome paper and cardboard cacti I was seeing on pinterest and started thinking what could I make along the same vein, but not quite.  I’ve made objects before out of wire wrapped in wool, like words and hands…I thought why not cacti?!  These are actually quite simple to make, they just take nimble fingers, some creative thinking and a little patience.  I started by bending malleable wire from the hardware store into a shape I’ve drawn onto a piece of paper and then taping it into place.  Ahem…don’t mind me blatantly showing off my new engagement ring ;) DIY3-231 copy



Then, you can start to wrap the wire tightly in yarn and remove the tape and paper as desired… (more…)


I believe in investing in rentals to be happy where ever one lives–but there are some larger investments that I simply cannot justify, and so I dream…

I would put…

laundry in the bathroom1.) A super efficent, clean and ample laundy situation in the master bathroom. oh yes.


2.) I’d put tiles EVERYWHERE.

emilykatz bathroom tub bohemian style (1)

3. I’d add a hot tub. Big time.

dream-kitchens-204.) Amazing old school appliances in crazy colors in the kitchen…duh.

bb0c8c49e75974c4386be0778b26f7edHave a real, live home office where I can get all creative. I’m working from a fold-out table in my living room right now and it just ain’t cutting it!

I’m crossing my fingers that after finishing our 2014 taxes that we’ll be able to qualify for a loan and start looking for a place of our own…can you tell I’m anxious? :D

July 28th, 2014

Two a August.



If you ask Ida how old she is, she’ll respond ‘I two a August.’ Her vocabulary has seriously blossomed although she still has some work to do on her prepositions. he he. On Friday she and I had dinner in Silverlake and then took a walk around the neighborhood. When we got to this amazing blue wall she stopped, stood in front of the wall and said ‘mama take a picture with a phone.’ So I did. Now I wonder where she could have possibly learned this from. :P So we had a fun little impromptu photoshoot (first on the blue wall, then on the black one) that I feel totally captured her sweet, silly, curious, amazing self. It’s kind of crazy how I could love such a tiny person so dang much. I can’t believe she’s gonna be two a August.


July 25th, 2014

Good Morning links!



Morning my friends! My computer went kaput yesterday, so I’m using Jason’s and so gonna keep this short and sweet. I’ll be co-teaching the first seminar for The Creative Residency on Sunday (which is sold-out!) I’m super excited about it! What are your plans?

Here is some inspiring stuff online and off to check out this weekend!:

1. We’ve reached 1000 faces on the #facethefoliage hashtag, which makes me really happy!

2. A mouthful of thank-yous to Marie Claire for naming JB one of 20 Websites Every girl should bookmark!

3. This image of hand carved housplants by Yuto Yamasaki was one of my favorite pins this week.

4. Check out my guide on living small which includes 10 tips for living large in small spaces on eBay. 

5. This Saturday from 3-5 my sweet friend Elizabeth will be hosting an afternoon of crafting at the new Splendid Store in Pasadena  (113 W. Colorado Blvd).

6. If you’ve ever been stumped about what kind of lighting to you on your bedside table, check out this post I wrote for Interior Deluxe.

7. The Renegade Craft Fair in happening on Saturday and Sunday downtown at Grand Park this year, will you be checking it out?

See you back here on Monday! Smooches!

July 23rd, 2014

Satsuki Shibuya : Paintings


mini no1

himalayan_sunrise no2

midst no3

My sweet friend Satsuki has a calming presence. Just being around her is like having a brain massage. So when I saw her new paintings on her instagram and they seemed to have the same affect as hanging out with her, I kind of fell in love. Isn’t there something so relaxing and thoughtful about them?

Here’s what Satsuki says about her works: “While painting, I forget about the “should’s” and “have-to’s” that plague my external existence. I let my inner spirit light the path and intuition guide my way. Each work created is infused with peace, love and hopes of contributing positive energies into our world, our universe for we are one and the same.”

So great, right?

July 22nd, 2014



pentlandstreet  carocimfrance4 carocimfrance2 carocimfrance

carocimfrance6 marrakechdesign4 purpurakafle beachhouse marrakechdesign3   marrakechdesign pentlandstreet2   kokolatt

My latest obsession has to do with perusing hashtags on instagram and right now it’s #encaustictiles and #cementtiles. The myriad of eye candy is notable indeed–and makes me more and more excited to tile my entire home one day…ahhh one day…That very first image with the green window frame and black and white tile oy va voy. So in love. Which is your fave?

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