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20 October 2014

The Floyd Leg


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I’m totally smitten with The Floyd Leg– a concept by Alex O’Dell & his studio in Detroit whereby clamp-on legs allow you to make a table (or a shelf) from any flat surface. As a person who loves to make tables and shelves from reclaimed materials like windows, doors and old drawers, I could see so many ways I’d incorporate The Floyd Legs into my life–such a great concept, right?!

18 October 2014



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I’m kind of obsessed with elephants…there is something so sweet and strong, quirky and chic about them, don’t you think?



From screens to side tables, statues to candle holders, don’t you just wanna bring in a herd into your home? I’m pretty determine to own that  elephant statue/lantern up top. It’s a splurge but I just may have to have it…Check out these elephants and my other favorite jungalicious finds over at Chairish.




Nothing brightens up a space like windows….well, DUH!  I just love grid windows, properly called ‘muntins’ (you learn something new every.day!).  If I were to build my dream home, I would definitely have floor to ceiling windows in a living room and in my dreamiest of dreams they would be gridded like so!

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Make them arched windows for the triple whammy!

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Stained glass also has my heart.  How can you not love letting in glorious sunlight through coloured panes of glass.  Such an old fashioned feel; a lovely attention to detail that sometimes goes unchallenged in modern interiors.

A really nice way to liven up your windows is by painting the panes in an awesome colour- I’d go Kelly green like our girl Justina (baby Ida too please!).

Photo credits:

1. Terence Conran’s ‘The New House Book’, 1985

2. Architect Marco Vido  Photography: Nathalie Krag

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4. ‘The Originals’, 2008 Photography: Holland Vandertol

5. ‘The Way We Live with The Things We Love’, 2009 Photography: Gilles de Chabaneix

6. via Lucky Pony

7-8. The Jungalow kitchen Photography: Justina Blakeney


This post was created by Nicole Valentine Don for JB est. 1979.

For more of Nicole’s magical musings, visit her blog & facebook



Yesterday’s Halloween post wouldn’t be complete without a few DIY’s and recipes to share with you all–because besides all the rad thrifting that went on…there was some pretty serious yumminess and craftiness that was happening too…here is how we created some of the spooky details and eery cocktails and treats…

Stormy Night cocktail

8 oz dark spiced rum
12 oz ginger beer
12 oz blackberry juice
24 blackberries

Muddle blackberries and blackberry juice together in the bottom of a pitcher until berries are mostly squished.
Add dark rum and ginger beer. Pour into small bottles (or glasses) and serve while still foamy.

Painted Pumpkins
To prep pumpkins for spray painting, cover stems in painters tape, ensuring tape doesn’t touch pumpkin. Wash/wipe down to ensure paint will adhere properly. 
Some pumpkins, especially the mini, gourd type, may cause paint to bubble up as it dries. I liked the wart-like look these had.
 2-3 coats of paint is needed for best coverage. 


Black Candy Apples
6-8 smaller apples or pears, washed and dried completely, with stems removed
6-8 candy apple sticks, or whatever you want to serve them on- we used mini daggers
2 cups sugar
1 cup light corn syrup
1 cup warm water
1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon Oil
Few drops black food coloring

Insert sticks into the top of each apple/pear. Line a large baking sheet with parchment or waxed paper and spray or brush with oil. Set aside.

Combine sugar, corn syrup, and water in a saucepan over medium high heat. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Keep stirring until the mixture reaches 300-310 degrees on a candy thermometer (hard crack stage). If you’re unsure about the temperature of the candy, drop some in a class of cold water. If it hardens immediately and easily breaks, it’s at the right temp. If it remains soft and sinks, it needs to cook a little more.

Remove mixture from heat and immediately stir in both the cinnamon oil and food coloring. Dip apples in the coating, rotating to cover evenly, and place on lined baking sheet to harden. Be careful handling the candy as it is very hot, and avoid getting the cinnamon oil on your skin to avoid irritation.

Photography & Recipes by Danae Horst for JB Est, 1979
Creative Direction by Justina Blakeney


A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape
Sick of the tired old black and orange color combos and plastic jack-o-lanterns, this year for Halloween I wanted to create an intriguing, textured tablescape that was equal parts creepy and elegant. I still yearned for the hair-raising details and overall dark vibe, but I kinda wanted to leave off the cheese factor…and, of course, I hoped to achieve this all without breaking the bank. So, without having a super clear idea of what I was looking for exactly, I headed to my local Savers thrift shop to see what I could unearth…

And I scored pretty hard…From black plates, glass jars and styrofoam heads, to gold candles, candlesticks, glassware and a whole collection of porcelain cats, I knew I was on my way to something intriguing. Savers was the perfect Halloween one-stop-shop because they carry new and old Halloween stuff so it’s easy to mix it up to put together something unique.
A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape

Ultimately,  most of everything on this table (including the bed-skirt we’re using as a table-cloth) was found at Savers and purchased all together for less than $100….

A Wicked, Thrifted Halloween Tablescape

What’s so great about using thrifted items for a tablescape is that I feel totally cool about spray painting over stuff–and in this way it’s easy to make things look cohesive…so our thrifted cats got a coat of matte black spray paint… (more…)


Nicole's Mantel Turned bathtub shelf
I’ve always wanted a bath tub shelf, but could never quite find the right one…  I decided to make my own and headed to a local salvage shop that has an area out the back full of old doors and timber offcuts – a pile of old wood could look like a bunch of trash, but if you keep an open mind, what you seek you may find!  I came across an old wooden mantle with the most beautiful greenish patina from layer upon layer (upon layer) of peeling paint.

Nicole's Mantel Turned bathtub shelf
For awhile I had it on top of my own mantle; it added some really lovely texture and history.  Then, all I did was measure the width of my bathtub and took it up to my local hardware store to have it cut to size.

Nicole's Mantel Turned bathtub shelf Nicole's Mantel Turned bathtub shelf
Place it on the edge of your tub and eh, bada boom bada bing!  I usually keep mine butted up against the tiled wall that doesn’t have the faucets, then simply move it along when I want to have a bath.  I have to say (and you’re probably wondering), YES, it makes the most perfect bath time wine holder of all time.

Nicole's Mantel Turned bathtub shelf
I also gave my barnacle vessel a whirl and decked it out with assorted succulents.  Fun, right?

{Project by Nicole Valentine Don for Justina Blakeney est. 1979.}
For more Nicole,  visit her blog and follow her on instagram.
Photos by: Fiona Galbraith