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 Round-Up: 5 ways to be Patternful  Round-Up: 5 ways to be Patternful
I know Justina loves all things ‘patternful’ and I have been noticing a lot of pattern on pattern lately in both interiors and fashion.  To add a little of this ornamentation to your decor, you can go ALL out, 60′s vintage home style.  Same fabric as wallpaper?  Why not!?

 Round-Up: 5 ways to be Patternful Round-Up: 5 ways to be Patternful

Try a bit of the same, same, but different.  Do your walls (or just one) in a decorative wallpaper and go crazy with varying patterns in your furniture and decor for a fun effect!

 Round-Up: 5 ways to be Patternful  Round-Up: 5 ways to be Patternful  Round-Up: 5 ways to be Patternful
You can go more subdued if over the top isn’t for you.  Simply go pattern crazy in your bed textiles and cushions, but leave the walls and floors alone.

 Round-Up: 5 ways to be Patternful

Or do the same in neutrals for a really pretty look!  I allllways go colorful, but this image makes me want to go the other way…

 Round-Up: 5 ways to be Patternful

In addition to cushions and throws, the easiest way to to introduce the pizzazz of pattern into your home is with rugs!  Layer them up if you’re feeling bold ;)

How patternful is your place??


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This post was created by Nicole Valentine Don for JB est. 1979.

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Soooo, it’s that time again, huh? Giveaway season is here and I’m thrilled to kick mine off in partnership with one of my all-time favorite shelter mags, Domino Magazine. I’ve selected my top picks from the Domino Gift guide – and now it’s your turn. And wait..that’s not all. You can win a little something for your homegirls (or sister or mama…), but ALSO for yourself (I don’t see nothin’ wroooooong…she sings to herself)…because, for example, were I to win that brass case full of colored pencils chances are I’d keep it for myself. Well this giveaway totally eliminated that issue–it’s not like I would keep two of them, I’m not that greedy… So, here’s what you do to enter:

1. Peruse the Domino Gift Guide and pick your prezzie.
2.Be sure to enter your email on THIS Domino landing page. You know the drill, yes?
3. Come back here and leave a comment sharing which gift you would like two of!

Giveaway closes at 12AM PST Nov. 27th. We will be announcing the winner on November 28th. You win. Your homegirl wins. Yay.

*Sorry, limited to U.S. readers only. Please leave your email or web address in the allotted boxes. Winner will be contacted via email and announced at the bottom of this post.

20 November 2014

Kitchen overhaul pt. 1




Even though we live in a rental, we’ve decided that we’re going to bite the bullet and redo our kitchen. Now we’re not going to go CRAZY, but we know we’re gonna be here for at least another two years and decided that it’s worth it to make the improvements–our landlord also said we could amortize some of the upgrade costs and take some of it off of our rent, so we’re going for it. The pic above, that’s what it looks like now. If this house were mine, I’d lose the tile (and so much more…) but for the sake of doing a $5000 overhaul and not a $20,000 overhaul, the tiles stay, and so does the meh oven. But what isn’t gonna stay is that wall–or most of it anyway. It is not a load-bearing wall so we want to lose the upper half of the wall so that the kitchen is open to the living room. This way when Jason or I am cooking, we can watch Ida playing in the other room, plus then we’d have windows to the outside on either side, which makes me feel like the light and the cross-breeze situation will improve dramatically. And in my imagination we have some kind of ‘bar’ seating on the other side, à la:
Only maybe with some built-in storage too because our wall (on the other side) is quite a bit longer than this.


The next upgrade that we want to make is to lose the upper cabinets. See how close they are to the faucet head?!? It’s ridiculous! They drive me nuts. they don’t close well, and while I know that it’s gonna mean dusting off our stuff more often, I want to opt for open shelving–something along these lines:
Amy Bartlam Photography
Then if we have budget left over after we put in a dishwasher, I want this sink (only with a more modern faucet):

And lastly, I think we’ll repaint…(what do you think? is it time to lose the green??) I’m so excited to see what the jungalow looks like without that wall and more of an open concept. I’ll keep ya posted. (duh!)

1 \\2\\ 3\\
Pictures of my kitchen by Leela Cyd for The Kitchn


19 November 2014

Artful Ways to Wrap it Right



I’ve been a curator over at eBay for over a year now. It is one of my favorite gigs–but also one of my most dangerous. It’s VERY difficult to browse eBay for the best and coolest stuff without inevitably buying a bunch of stuff too, which is why I’m really excited to announce today that I’ve had the opportunity to put some of those late-night purchases to good use…I worked with eBay on a series of videos highlighting some of these goodies for the holidays. The first one that I’m sharing today is about a little something that I bought for Ida on eBay and how I wrapped the gift to make it, and her little face, light up.

Check it out!


Here’s how I made the twinkling prezzie for Ida:

What you need:
Battery operated twinkle lights
lear, plastic box
issue paper
littery gold ribbon
Faux Butterflies

What to do:
I tucked 
battery operated twinkle lights in a clear, plastic box and wrapped the gift in some thin pink tissue paper. Then I garnished the whole thing with glittery gold ribbon and some sweet little Butterflies. I can’t wait to see the look on my daughter’s face when she receives her twinkling prezzie!

Click over to watch all of the videos I created with eBayRIGHT HERE. Also check out my Wrap It Right Collection where I’ve uncovered all kinds of amazing gift wrap supplies and ideas. 

*This post was created in partnership with eBay. Holla!

18 November 2014

Beautiful Bracelets by Hand


I am so excited for my homegirl Jade Gedeon of We Dream in Color because her gorgeous book, BEAUTIFUL BRACELETS BY HAND is available for presale and will ship in time for the holidays. Not only that, but it is overflowing with clever ideas of things you can make on-the-fly for your loved ones too. Since I know firsthand what it takes to put a project like this together, I am so impressed with what she has created.


As a long time fan of her work, it’s no surprise that the book is perfectly styled and the instructions are thorough …but beyond that there are SO MANY IDEAS in this book that I’ve never seen before–and for someone who spends as much time on Pinterest as I do, that is no small feat. Pick up your copy of BEAUTIFUL BRACELETS BY HAND: Seventy Five One-of-a-Kind Baubles, Bangles and Other Wrist Adornments You Can Make At Home right here. 


16 November 2014

Garza Marfa


Garza Marfa  Garza Marfa  Garza MarfaGarza Marfa
Garza MarfaGarza MarfaGarza Marfa

How is it that I’m only just now discovering the instagram of textile and furniture design studio Garza Marfa? I’m thoroughly enjoying the industrial/modern look of the furniture contrasted to all that textile goodness. Not to mention the styling with some of my favorite pottery from CA ceramic studios Kat and Roger and  Heath Ceramics. Pretty yummy, yes?

*All images from  Garza Marfa IG.

14 November 2014




1. My girl Erin Loechner  designed this super soft scarf for FashionABLE and proceeds from the scarf help to provide opportunities for women in Ethiopia.

2.  Wait what?! Apparently, Harpers Bazaar is feeling my feed. Thanks y’all!

3. Digging my new framed print from Artfully Walls by Khristian A. Howell


4. This pinner has been killing it lately.
5. Erin’s holiday gift shop is KILLING me.
6. I’m addicted to this podcast and this one is super inspiring.

Have an amazing weekend friends and see you back here Lunes!