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May 19th, 2012

ASOS Africa got it right.

Okay, okay–so you know how I feel about vintage and handmade stuff–but every now and again, some of these ready-to-wear brands just get it right. This is one of those times. ASOS’s new AFRICA collection is redic. I want every single piece. Kinda Stella Jean-ish kinda Suno-ish (traditional African fabrics with traditional Euro silhouettes)…but all with a kinda ’50 flair and all very affordable. And you gotta love ASOS for going up to a size 14 and also having a ‘Curve’ Collection.  Employing traditional East African fabrics, including Kitenge, Kanga and Kikoy, ASOS Africa is made in Africa, helping underprivileged communities establish sustainable businesses through their local craftsmanship.  What’s not to love?

Some of my favorites from the collection include:
Giraffe Top
Reversible Jacket
Sleeveless Jacket
Striped Jacket
Rhino Print bra top
Patchy Dress
Mombassa Print Pants

2 Responses to ASOS Africa got it right.
  1. SPYT says:

    That giraffe shirt is just the cutest ever.

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