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Dana Haim is a textile/product designer and artist based out of Brooklyn.  Her work speaks to me on many levels–obviously we have a mutual love of pompoms–but also, her collaboration with the Fundacion Juanfe in Cartagena Colombia ( which is where her family is from) takes in teenage mothers and helps them to get prepared for motherhood as well as education and job training. She trains and works with some of these teens in the creation of her crafts in an effort to fight poverty and empower women.

She was kind enough to send me one of her antler mobiles that has already, in the few weeks I’ve had it, traveled around the jungalow quite a bit. First it was in hanging in the entryway, then it made an appearance in Ida’s room (she LOVES it) and it was over our dining room table for a while, too (it’s a perfect addition to holiday tablescape!). Now it’s hanging out in our bedroom over the window seat, making me smile whenever I pass by it.

Dana also makes wallpaper and has a really fun instagram feed. Her mobiles are currently being sold at ABC Carpet and Home in NYC. For inquiries email hello@danahaim.com.


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